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      Dinqnash College offers a truly unique and different kind of educational experience. The curriculum at Dinqnash will guide you toward understanding self and others in the world around you. It will prepare you to live in harmony with nature and other people. It will help you discover how you can best serve your communities and make the world a better place in which to live. The curriculum will empower you to make a difference in the world in a way no other type of education can.

      Dinqnash is an independent institution of higher education dedicated to preparing women to lead and teach a Life Centered Life, to return to their communities and work to ensure the health, growth and development of all of its members. 

       A Life Centered Life is a way of living with conscious thought and practice focused on the healthy growth and developmentDinqnash's Images
of all living things. A Life Centered Life aims at understanding the
interrelationships, the links
and chains and dependencies of things with/to

each other, and at recognizing that the good life

is dependent on the health of all existence. The responsibility of all living things is to maintain

the harmonious balance in nature which allows
everything to exist in its form and order.

       At Dinqnash We envision and cultivate a community comprised of a rich diversity of women, representing all cultures and regions of the world; women who live healthy lives in balance with nature; women who will become caretakers of the earth, women who cherish excellence and commitment; women who serve as catalysts for Life Centered Life. In the Amharic language of Ethiopia, Dinqnash means, “She is excellent/she is wonderful.” We are committed to the good and to excellence. 

      The fact that you are visiting this site suggests that you are seeking a higher education that will guide you in understanding yourself and your relationship to all things, and that will provide answers about the nature and direction of the world and your place in it.  For us, the maxim “educate the women and you liberate a nation” is a fundamental truth. At Dinqnash We maintain that the harmonious balance of the world rests in the hearts and hands of women. 

     To learn more about the Dinqnash community, our mission, academic programs, how to apply, and more, click on the appropriate link. As you visit our site you will find that Dinqnash College is the experience in higher education that you have been waiting for. Join us as we embark upon our mission to change our world one woman at a time.






Dinqnash College
P.O. Box 1289
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia